Molmat Group Burial Society

Liabilities of Members

a) Members are liable for their monthly contributions to MOLMAT.
b) Members who defaults payment for two months or more shall forfeit their funeral benefit in full and shall have no claim whatsoever against MOLMAT icluding refund of their contributions already made ( even if the two months are not consecutive)
c) Member who is on arrears of two months shall not settle immediately and claim but rather will be covered for claims of two months after settling the arrears on default, thus his forfeited right to claim will only be reinstated for further claims falling within the next two months from date of payment.
d) Member who relocates but continues to pay his/her monthly contributions will be deemed to be in good standing for as long as there are no defaults.
e) Member has a duty to report death immediately or soon before three (3) days preceding the burial.
f) Member is liable to provide a list of family members together with copies of their id books.
g) Member is liable to disclose the full details of extended family members wished to be covered and be willing to pay an extra amount for such members.
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